• SPACE-F Batch 2 (2020)

    Meet the startups

  • Meet the Batch 2 (2020) Startups!


    Advanced GreenFarm


    A research-driven startup that develops a large-scale premium-quality cultivation technology for Wolffia, a fast-growing aquatic plant rich in protein and essential nutrients.


    Led by a team of plant biologists, Advanced GreenFarm is committed to developing a large-scale sustainable cultivation technology for Wolffia, a known Thai delicacy recently acclaimed as the world’s next best superfood. Their precision aquaculture helps enrich Wolffia’s nutritional content as well as ensure cleanliness and safety. Currently providing premium-quality fresh Wolffia for food businesses and end-consumers in Thailand, they aim to further develop products in forms that suit various businesses in the food and cosmetic industries including frozen and powder to eventually expand globally.

    Avant Meats

    Hong Kong

    Cultivated fish based on fish cell cultivation at large scale for the food & beverage, nutritional supplement and cosmetics markets.


    Avant’s solution is large scale cell cultivation at an economically viable cost in an environmentally sustainable way. They have developed their own recipe for tissue engineering using scaffolds and machinery to produce proteins and meats at scale.




    DezpaX offers customised, eco-friendly and affordable food packaging solutions to SME’s in the F&B sector. Their solid and simple IT platform enables every F&B business in Thailand to have their own packaging.


    They are an online platform that allows simple customisation ordering, and designing of their own packaging printing solution, allowing for faster and cheaper printing of packaging and are now moving towards 100% biodegradable materials.

    Ixon Food Technology

    Hong Kong

    Sous-vide aseptic packaging by sterilising food at lower temperature to prolong shelf life allowing for the preservation of prepared meat for up to two years at room temperature.


    Through sterilisation at such low temperatures, food manufacturers can turn perishable foods, such as a medium-rare steak or poached eggs, into shelf-stable products. IXON’s products have passed accelerated shelf-life tests performed by third-party accredited laboratories.



    Plant based proteins from jackfruit. Launched dumplings and buns containing plant based “pork”. Retail products as well as sale of their pork as ingredients for chefs.


    They use transparently sourced, whole plant ingredients, which is one of the main focuses of consumers in alternative protein products. They promote the scaling and commercialising of jackfruit, a sustainable crop, as a meat alternative.

    Nitro Labs


    Craft brewer of non-alcoholic beverages like nitro cold brew coffees and teas.


    Nitro Labs’ premium, on-tap beverages are convenient, healthy, and reasonably priced. Their kegged beverages are served on tap in offices, hotels, and restaurants, and they are also rolling out new “pay per pour” vending machines.



    Founded in 2017, ProfilePrint is an agri-food tech start-up funded by international venture funds, the Singapore government as well as strategic investors.


    ProfilePrint is the world’s first to have developed and successfully patented an A.I. food fingerprint technology, empowering users to rapidly search and ascertain quality as well as other characteristics of food ingredient online.

    Sophie's Bionutrients


    High quality sustainable plant based protein from microalgae, grown in urban environments and can be fed with food waste such as spent grains, okara and molasses during the fermentation process - creating a sustainable, circular production method.


    Sophie's Bionutrients is on a mission to unleash the limitless possibilities of nature, restore our planet and eliminate food allergies by creating plant-based, protein-rich alternatives to meat and seafood using microalgae, the mother of all food and plant.



    Spira creates industrial compounds for food, cosmetic and textile companies using carbon negative algae. Their first products are sustainable food-safe pigments that replace artificial colors and an algae protein isolate coproduct as an alternative protein for plant-based milk and meat companies.


    Spira has developed a CRISPR gene editing technique to create a novel, high-value, biobased, blue pigment and have biorefining technology to produce a variety of ingredients from algae. They operate a global farming network of 32+ farms with a focus on scaling compounds and ingredients as a B2B supplier for large corporate partners.


    GPJ Biotechnology


    Solving and Preventing the bone problem especially Osteoporosis or Osteopenia and the outstanding point that we have an effective calcium formulation get provide higher absorption rate of calcium. Moreover, our product is designed in a form of drinking syrup which decrease swallow dysfunction as well.



    HydroZitLa is a delicious and scientific‐proven functional drink for preventing kidney stone formation.


    It is the first product in Thailand offering to kidney stone patients. The drink contains citrate and natural antioxidants derived from banana stem and Thai herbs. It reduces risk of calcium oxalate formation by supplying water, citrate, and antioxidants.

    Nam Jai


    Nam Jai is Thailand's first sparkling water RTD made with a squeeze of 100% real fruit, zero sugar added, and no fake flavors or sweeteners. Each can contain only 20 calories.


    Nam Jai is a fresh guilt-free fruit-based drink that is low in sugar and healthy, to respond to the demand for on the go drinks that satisfy a sweet craving, but are not unhealthy. They are part of the new trend of healthy drinks.



    A plant-based company that produces flavorful, creamy and dairy-free oat milk. Omylk aims to help people transition into a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, starting by reducing dairy consumption.

    Rethink Bio


    Rethink Bio intends to harness the novel nutritional potential of microalgae to create delicious, healthy and sustainable food products.


    They use fermentation technology to enhance flavour, aroma, and palatability of the microalgae. And they are developing integrated production systems to obtain high quality, pure microalgal biomass consisting of cultivation, continuous harvesting and processing of microalgal biomass into value-added products.

    Saxo Siam


    Sustainable fishmeal and chicken feed made from black soldier fly larvae composting agricultural waste.


    Saxo-Siam Protein harvests black soldier fly larvae and processes them into high-quality protein that is great for animal immune systems, with antimicrobial peptides.

    The Flying Thai Foods

    Hong Kong

    Packaging solution that keeps food fresh for longer with a focus on the durian industry.


    Their packaging both extends freshness of durian to about 45 days from the typical shelf life of 5 days. It also contains the smell of the fruit which can sometimes cause problems during transportation.

    Trash Lucky


    Trash Lucky allows people to convert recyclables with its raffle tickets for winning prizes such as gold or shopping vouchers. People can send recyclables to Trash Lucky and earn raffle tickets based on the amount of recyclables they send. Trash Lucky sells recyclables to recycling factories and uses part of the income to fund raffle prizes.
    Trash Lucky's vision is plastic-free oceans and its mission is to incentivize people to recycle and divert plastics from landfills and oceans. Trash Lucky is a pre-seed startup that has received initial investment and grants from DTAC Accelerate (Batch 7), Government Savings Bank, Depa, NIA, and WWF Thailand.



    Viramino is designing the future of convenient and delicious protein using non-GMO European golden pea protein isolate. Starting with protein powder blends in two signature flavors, Chocolate Coconut and Roasted Almond & Vanilla, the company plans to expand into high protein content, ready-to-eat products like protein bars, bites and drinks.



    A delicious food surplus platform helping restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets sell their unsold food or near-expired ingredients to consumers at discounted price. Yindii allows food merchant to turn a food surplus liability into an opportunity to make more revenues, gaining new customers and reduce losses linked to food waste.


    One interesting innovation is their proposed “Yindii Surprise Box” where retailers can include unspecified surplus items so they need not know in advance what will be surplus. Their online platform already connects 120+ eco-friendly merchants (Centara, Marriott, Dusit Thani, Thaibev, The Mandarin Oriental, Mikazuki, Yellow Spoon etc.) to 35.000+ food fighters (users).

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