• SPACE-F Batch I (2019)

    Meet the startups

  • OUR 2019 COHORT


    Manna Foods is a pioneer in the food technology space, developing highly sustainable, healthy protein using Darkling beetles.


    Thai Ento Food provides complete solutions for clean and sustainable protein sources from insects for food and feed from farm to table.


    Orgafeed is an insect-based pet food company. We aim to develop a pet food that can make a difference for both the pet health and the planet.


    HydroNeo offers a comprehensive IoT-based Smart Farm Management System that constantly monitors water quality and automates shrimp farm operations like the control over aerator motors, feeders and pumps.


    Alchemy Foodtech has developed the Alchemy Fiber that lowers glucose release and glycemic index of everyday food staples naturally without changing taste, colour and texture of food.


    Because we believe that “great body starts with eating”, Khaisook focuses on creating and developing product from one of the best protein “egg-white” to our customers.


    Eden Agritech focuses on increases the value of the fresh produce supply chain by replacing chemicals with a 100% natural solution that extends shelf life naturally and maintains its freshness.


    At Advantir we build new technologies that create delightful consumer experiences for the world. Our flagship product is the Swirl.Go soft serve capsule system, the world’s first system that creates premium quality soft serve ice cream (i.e "Nespresso" for desserts).​

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