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Equator Pure Nature's Startup Journey

This morning, Mr. Peter Wainman, Chairman and Founder of Equator Pure Nature, shared his insights and journey as an entrepreneur and investor with SPACE-F Batch 1 teams. Equator Pure Nature was founded due to Mr. Wainman's own experiance with allergies from chemicals normally used in cleaning products in Asia. Through his own experience, he was able to show the teams how the decisions, strategies, and considerations made in the pre-seed stage has a lasting impact on future operations.

Equator Pure Nature produces, markets and sells natural, healthy, hypoallergenic, non-irritation certified household and personal care products under the brand name Pipper Standard. The process and strategies the brand took in expanding to Southeast Asia and the Greater China region provided our teams with numerous tips and advice for their own expansion.

Thank you Mr. Peter Wainman for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hold a session for our SPACE-F program!

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