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Exclusive Workshop with Mr. Chris Arscott and Mr. Robert Gilchrist

Last Friday, Mr. Chris Arscott, a Managing Partner at Titan Capital, and Mr. Robert Gilchrist, the Investment Director at Titan Capital held an exclusive online workshop with our SPACE-F Batch 1 Incubator teams on how to go about getting the funding you want within Thailand's venture and fundraising ecosystem.

In this session, our Incubators received the opportunity to get an inside view on the benefits and drawbacks of raising with the different financial institutions, and advice on the different methods they can use to support their valuations. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A in which our startups asked a multitude of questions.

Thank you, Mr. Chris Arscott and Mr. Robert Gilchrist for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hold a workshop with our SPACE-F team!

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